Push-Back Racking Systems

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Push-Back Racking Systems Overview

Saves space and increases storage density. Each level can store a different reference. Loading and unloading is done using the same aisle (LIFO system). Push-Back allows multiple product storage conformations to ensure excellent selectivity. Push-Back Rack is designed for high-density, multiple-product storage situations, combining excellent selectivity and a maintenance-free design. This versatile system uses nesting carriages to store pallets up to five deep, providing multiple pick facing with extremely high throughput.

As each pallet is loaded, it’s placed on a free-rolling carriage that is pushed back into the system by loading additional pallets. When unloading, gravity moves the pallets forward to the aisle on the telescoping carriages, eliminating the need for reaching or driving into the rack.

Some of the advantages of Push-Back Racking Systems:

    • Allows efficient use of space with limited sacrifice in product accessibility.
    • Provides the optimal combination of selectivity and storage density.
    • Sturdy construction affords years of maintenance-free operation. 
    • Push-Back Rack provides a wide variety of options and configurations to ensure the optimal design for any application.
    • The structural cart construction maintains cleanliness and the debris-free design is perfect for food applications. Available in two-, three-, four, and five-deep pallet designs with multiple accessory options, Push–Back Rack provides unparalleled versatility.