Pick Modules Systems

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Pick Modules Systems Overview

Pick modules are engineered systems to maximize order-picking efficiency in the least amount of space. Each module is uniquely designed employing some or all of the following components: 

  • Free-standing or rack-supported mezzanines/ platforms. 
  • Pallet rack (structural or roll-formed) 
  • Pallet flow 
  • Carton flow  
  • Bin shelving 
  • Conveyors 

Tabor Storage Solutions will work with you to integrate your requirements for high volume SKU picking to enhance your productivity and improve customer service. We have successfully designed and installed a variety of pick modules throughout the U.S.

Here are some of the advantages of Pick Modules:

    • Structural or rack-supported mezzanines
    • Pallet rack
    • Pallet flow
    • Carton flow and conveyors