Permitting Services

As part of our project management services we offer permitting services for our clients. Permitting a project, is the responsibility of the building owner or lessee. It is their responsibility to comply with the local city laws of construction and the Universal Building Code. Permitting can be a long and time consuming process. That’s why we offer taking care of this process as a service in lieu of the client doing the footwork.

Depending on the scope of the project and the location of the project, the Building and Safety department will require a certain type of submittal and special requirement customized for that City’s needs to meet the Universal Building Code (UBC). As part of our TSS team, we have a competent number of members that specialize in researching the specific requirements for permitting.

Code Assistance

Part of our responsibility as “Turn Key” management company is to make sure that our customer has a peace of mind in regards to the entire permitting or design process. Building, safety and fire codes can be very exhausting and hard to understand.

We have put a lot of time and our experience into developing what we call our “Code Assistance” Department. TSS is known by most of our customers as being experts and informative in our field. We like to make sure that we understand what we are designing before we solidify an idea and move into implementation. As part of the design, engineering or permitting process “the code” can create to the customer confusion, frustration, misunderstanding, mystery or even making the wrong decisions. We can assist with all the end results of a code misunderstanding.

Our “Code Assistance” Department consists of inside and outside experts in the building and fire code that can assist you to quickly address any issues or question.Be sure to email or call and let us know if you have a “Code Inquiry”

The Permitting Process

The permit process consists of a review. A review of an array of documents including application, engineered structural calculations, architectural/ engineering set of plans and any other documents such as construction license, business license, insurance, letters/ reference documents from other trades, etc that the City may require.  The plan review of the products we offer, being for storage solutions or retail is strictly a structural and safety review of the structural integrity of the support structure of the product offer based on the product you intent to store or place into what we are building. It also reviews the local seismic zone requirements.

Most of building departments as part of the review they require that our plans are reviewed by the Fire Department as well. This is to assess the type of product stored and how it is stored on the racks, this is determined by their evaluation of the product commodities, classification, packaging, elevation, flammability, and fire protection system. Some may even require a chemical or hazardous material report as part of the submittal if this is your first submittal with the local City office.

The fire review is also the responsibility of the building owner and lessee. The building owner or lessee is responsible to notify to the Fire Department of any improvements and/or products that are stored within the facility that can cause or expand a fire. Thus a fire hazard the Fire Department needs to be aware of in the case of a fire or to help prevent it. The product commodities, classification, elevation, flammability, and fire protection system are pieces of information that the customer is responsible of providing to TSS prior to the submittal. Delay on providing this information may cause a delay in the permitting process and ultimately in the timeline/linear progress of the installation and even material order lead time.

Needless to say, the permitting process of a project can be a very hard process to go through. We can make sure that this process goes as smooth as possible but only with your help making the information required by the City and Fire Department as quickly as possible and in the best digital format possible easily tangible to our team to present to the building or fire department.