TSS has the most competent and experienced consultants in the Material Handling industry. We can assist you with any of your current projects or a new project you are planning to implement. We understand that every project is unique to the client needs and implementation of their business functions  We understand that every system is meant to be built to improve or suffice the facility operations based on efficiency, speed and ultimately cost effective storage solutions.  We can help you get out of a bind on your current project design by consulting and guiding you into the correct design or help you redesign what you’ve been provided by others. We also can help you with a new project or design and help you succeed on solving which ever storage design you may have.

We do this day by day with the most experienced team of consultants and engineers in this industry to make sure that from the point of contact to completion of design implementation you experience satisfaction and relief. Please contact us via email if you have any inquiries regarding a new project or your current projects with us.