Material Procurement

If your material need is for retail or storage solutions. We have the widest selection of manufacturers and fabricators to assist you based on your product specs, lead time/ project dead lines, project location, permit criterias, design, ideas, product placement, load capacities, equipment use and engineering.

We think of the material we provide as part of our project signature. We only offer what is fit for you, engineered for you. (see our engineering page to find out the engineering services offer)

Over the years we ┬áhave built solid relationships with our manufacturers and fabricators to provide your with the best price and lead time. We can provide you all product design options, specs and accesories for all trades of the retail fixtures and material handling industries. This is for you make the right choice based on a wide variety of options to support design and engineering. The correct implementation. Limited resources provide limited solutions. That’s why we have taken the time and energy so we can offer you the benefits of our strong relationships with the best vendors.

Keep in mind that we support “AMERICA MADE” product. We are a american company and we sweat by it. We can provide export product upon request.

Please contact us via email if you have any inquiries regarding a new project or your current projects with us. Click Here